Summer Community Leadership Program

Are you a High School student? CHECK THIS OUT.
In expanding our mission to put students at the forefront of education, we developed a FREE month long leadership-building experience that is run by college students, for high school students. We believe in the power of collaboration and have structured the program to be a team-based practice under the guidance of an experienced College Leadership Mentor (CLM). If you are accepted into this program, you will be placed on a small team of other high school students and will think of, plan out, and execute a community service project in your team's surrounding area that helps combat the effects of COVID-19. Teams will be determined largely based off of geographic proximity to ensure each member of the team is focused on helping the same community.  This is an opportunity to be a leader in your community and MAKE AN IMPACT.
Each week, the college mentor will assist their team by introducing new skills needed to develop a community service project such as how to plan, market, finance and more to ensure the team members are implementing their learning into practice. Teams will have three weekly meetings with their CLM to keep each project on track. Each mentor will provide trainings, check-ins, and feedback to a presentation their team will create at the end of each week that exemplifies the work they have accomplished. Teams will have the liberty to decide what times their meetings works best for them but members should expect to work together outside of the weekly meetings and use their CLM as a resource for guidance and critique. Along with the trainings from the college mentors, we will end each week with an awesome guest speaker to workshop useful life-skills such as leadership, resume building, communicating with a team, and how to manage stress in life and work. 
This program is entirely remote via Zoom. Applications are open to high school students who were in 9-12 grade during the 2019-2020 school year.
However, we received overwhelming interest for this program and have decided to launch a second session.
Session 2 Dates: July 27th - August 21st 2020.


Application is due by July 15th at 11:59 EST, US time.
Session 1 Tentative Schedule:
Session 2 Tentative Schedule: