Pen-Pal Program

Student Impact’s new Pen-Pal Program is connecting students K-5th grade at the Charlottesville Day School with UVA students to provide opportunities for learning, mentorship, and creativity!
Student Impact is running a new summer-long Pen Pal program to engage young students with a broader national (and potentially international) community of like-minded students. With the program, students would be paired with another student in the same age range, and with similar interests to their own. They would be provided the respective addresses of their “pals” and then would participate in an engaging writing experience that would not only be beneficial for their writing development, but also would encourage a more cultural and universal social engagement this summer.
Parents of students at the Charlottesville Day School:

UVA Students who want to be Pen-Pals:

Student Impact Pen-Pal Program Guidelines

  • I will be respectful of my student’s parents and Student Impact at all times, including and especially when requests are made of me. 
  • I will restrict my language and interactions to appropriate age level material, and will be very transparent with both Student Impact and the assigned student’s parents about communications. 
  • I will dedicate my time to this project, and be a positive role model and influence for my student. 
  • I will meet all of the deadlines set by Student Impact and adhere to Student Impact’s prompts and policies regarding this program. 
  • I acknowledge that this is going to require time and commitment and am willing to put in the time and effort to help these students succeed. 

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in expulsion from the Student Impact Pen-Pam Program and Student Impact will be held harmless in any and all claims regarding a violation of the guidelines.