How The Holidays May Look Different This Year


We’re almost to the end of 2020 - but first, we have the holidays to get through. If you had told me a year ago that I wouldn’t be spending Thanksgiving with my dad’s family or Christmas Eve with all my cousins, I wouldn’t believe it. Holidays are typically rich in tradition and often centered around large gatherings with family and friends. However, with COVID still rampant in the United States, our holiday gatherings are going to shift immensely. 

Here’s how mine is changing...

For Thanksgiving, my family will just be celebrating with those who live within our household. We still plan on eating a turkey dinner and maintaining those food traditions, but some families won’t be this year. My neighbors will instead be ordering Chinese food. 

Christmas is still unplanned. A little weird for my family, as we tend to plan a lot of things in advance. It can be tough to know so little about what the future may look like, especially as we see traditions and holidays as our roots for precious family time. What’s helped me deal with this is knowing that we all feel this way. Our friends, school mates, and extended family are all unsure on what the next few months look like. I’ve also come to realize that these changes in traditions will allow for new ones to form - which can be exciting. 

I’m looking forward to getting a lot of time to spend with my immediate family. It’s time that I’m not sure I will get in the future, so I’m trying to make the best of it. 

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